Why Narcissistic Mothers Hate To Be Ignored

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Dealing with a narcissistic mother can be challenging and emotionally draining.

One aspect of their behavior that might puzzle many is their inability to handle being ignored. In this blog post, we will explore the psychology behind why narcissistic mothers despise being ignored and how it ties into their manipulative tendencies.

A narcissistic mother deliberately behaves in ways that provoke and manipulate those around her. It is important to note that she is psychologically driven to do so, as it allows her to maintain a sense of control and power over others.

She gains satisfaction and a sense of superiority by intentionally triggering emotional reactions in others.

1. The Role of Ignoring as a Powerful Tool

When a narcissistic mother is ignored, it leaves her with unresolved negative emotions bubbling inside, which is an exceedingly uncomfortable place for her.

She will bait, provoke and do almost anything to get you to respond to her.

There is a deeper, darker reason she does this.

Without being able to provoke a response from others, she loses the ability to dismiss, deny, or project her own feelings onto them. Ignoring her deprives her of the opportunity to unload her negative emotions, leaving her feeling powerless and frustrated.

The inability to unload these emotions heightens her need for attention and validation from others, exacerbating her miserable behavioral patterns.

2. The Fear of Losing Control

Narcissistic mothers thrive on controlling those around them.

They revel in the feeling of power and dominance they derive from manipulating others.

When ignored, they lose control over the emotions and reactions of their victims. This loss of control is a significant blow to their fragile ego, shattering the illusion of superiority they have carefully crafted. Consequently, they become desperate to regain control and reassert their authority, using any means necessary to regain the attention they crave.

3. Coping with a Narcissistic Mother

If you are dealing with a narcissistic mother, developing healthy coping mechanisms to protect your mental well-being is crucial. Ignoring her attempts to provoke a reaction can be an effective strategy to reduce her influence over your emotions. It is important to understand that her need for attention and validation is not your responsibility to fulfill. Surrounding yourself with a support system of trusted individuals who understand your situation can also provide much-needed emotional support.


Understanding why a narcissistic mother hates to be ignored sheds light on her manipulative nature and the psychological factors contributing to her behavior. By refusing to engage with her attempts to provoke, individuals can take steps to protect their emotional well-being and establish healthier boundaries in their relationship with their difficult mother.

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